"The Key" magazine

“The Key” magazine came about as a result of an initiative driven by North Skelton’s councillor at that time, Mike Stephens. The idea, to produce a local magazine, was picked up by Norma Templeman (nee Burlureaux) who, with the assistance of her brother, Don, would go on to produce a total of thirty seven issues. The first edition was published in December 1991.

The project to digitize all the issues was run by Howard Wilson, chair of Skelton History Group, with help from other group members. Special mention must be made of the work done by Chris Twigg, project manager of the East Cleveland’s Industrial Heritage project, who helped with the technicalities of scanning the copies and preparing the PDF files.

Below, you will find links to all thirty seven issues. Enjoy the nostalgia!

Issue 1
Issue 6
Issue 11
Issue 16
Issue 21
Issue 26
Issue 31
Issue 36
Issue 2
Issue 7
Issue 12
Issue 17
Issue 22
Issue 27
Issue 32
Issue 37
Issue 3
Issue 8
Issue 13
Issue 18
Issue 23
Issue 28
Issue 33
Issue 4
Issue 9
Issue 14
Issue 19
Issue 24
Issue 29
Issue 34
Issue 5
Issue 10
Issue 15
Issue 20
Issue 25
Issue 30
Issue 35

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