How we started

The group was the brainchild of the then librarian at Skelton Library, Judy Hunton, and was nurtured through its first few months by her and the local council’s Neighbourhood Officer, Jo Fearey, now Jo Mead. The group formally came into being in July 2012 when the draft Constitution was signed by seven members. Since then, membership has continued to climb and now hovers at around 15 active members, most of whom are doing active research.

The aims of the Group were agreed as: to research and promote the history of the villages of Skelton (including Skelton, Skelton Green, New Skelton and North Skelton) and the surrounding area, and to research and promote the family history of group members and others.

The group’s first website was created in the summer of 2013. You might say it was our present to ourselves on our first birthday. Some six to seven years later, and it was starting to look tired and jaded. Hence the stimulus for this redesign.

Who we are

We are a small group of like-minded, local residents sharing a common interest in the history and heritage of the villages of Skelton, New Skelton, North Skelton and Skelton Green, in the East Cleveland area of the ancient county of Yorkshire.

We also share an interest in researching our, and other people’s, family history. Indeed, researching one’s family history can be the gateway to investigating the wider history of the community.

Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over who has an interest in the local history of the area or has an interest in family history. We charge a nominal membership fee of £1 per annum, payable at any of our meetings or other events.

What we do

The group organises a variety of activities for both its members and the general public. From time to time, we stage exhibitions in Skelton Library. Each year, we organise a heritage-themed programme of walks, from spring to autumn. These are open to anyone. We ask for a donation of £2 per person to help pay for the Public Liability Insurance which we need to run them.

Our meetings currently take place in the hall of the Methodist Community Church, Castle Grange, Skelton Green on the second Friday of each month, starting at 1:30pm.

Our Secretary, Peter Appleton, in addition to being a published author (see here) and having been a contributor to a heritage-themed TV series, is well known in the area for his excellent illustrated talks on a variety of local history and heritage subjects.

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