Skelton War Memorials

Skelton War Memorial

There are four War Memorials to be found in the Skelton villages. The one shown here at the left stands on the village green in Skelton. It has the names of 71 casualties of World War 1 and a further 19 names from World War 2.

It is of note that one name, J Rooks, is a recent addition, being added in 2009 following a lengthy period of campaigning by his relative, Owen Rooks.

James’s grave can be found, beneath his Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone, in Skelton Cemetery, where a further five World War 1 and four World War 2 casualties are buried beneath Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones.

Opposite right is the War Memorial that stands in the Garden of Remembrance on Vaughan Street, in North Skelton. It bears the names of 24 casualties from World War 1.

The plaque below can be found incorporated into the fabric of the wall of the north aisle in All Saints parish church on the High Street in Skelton.

At first sight it seems to list all of the men from the parish who died during the Great War. However, when a comparison is done between this Roll of Honour plaque and the two Memorials above, discrepancies quickly come to light.

North Skelton War Memorial
Parish Roll of Honour
Stanghow Lane School Roll of Honour

The fourth memorial (below left) is the Roll of Honour for Stanghow Lane School. When that school closed, after De Brus school was built on Marske Lane, the board was transferred between the schools.

When De Brus school closed and was demolished, the board was rescued and subsequently placed on display in North Skelton Village Hall.

As part of the Group’s commemoration of World War 1, an exhibition was staged at Skelton Civic Hall during the last week of October 2014, to mark the centenary of the first death from the among the villagers. That exhibition was then relocated to the Library for the month of November. It subsequently visited locations in each of the other Skelton villages in weeks appropriate to the centenary of the first death from each village.

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