This book was published by Boroughgate Books on 15th February 2021. It has been produced by members of Skelton History Group for the Skelton Townscape Heritage project, which provided the financial support.

The village of Skelton-in-Cleveland has a documented history that spans eleven centuries. That history, and its associated heritage, is explored in this book. The chapters cover topics such as:

  • The Victorian shopping experience
  • The heritage displayed on the mosaic mural
  • The archaeology of the medieval borough
  • The fun of a medieval-themed summer’s fete
  • The varied architecture within the Conservation Area
  • The creation of the trail of twenty-seven mosaics
  • The arrival and impact of the railways
  • The social changes experienced by the families of the ironstone miners, who came by the thousand to work “down the pit”

The book can be purchased from Chapter One at Loftus, The Book Corner or Holly Blue at Saltburn, and Guisborough Bookshop. Please use the link to Boroughgate Books (above) for further details.